Summer Events
Our Pack

Welcome to Our Family!  It includes 24 very special Siberian Huskies, who really enjoy being Sled Dogs.  

Our dogs are never on chains or tethered. We have put an extensive amount of time energy and money into providing  large daytime outdoor pens and  indoor "night-time" kennels. The indoor housing hosts individual cozy kennels stacked high with comfy hay bedding, for them to curl up into and snuggle down for the night.  During the day, they have spacious outdoor runs where they can romp and play with all of their pals. 

They are all extremely happy, outgoing and well socialized. We believe this is mainly due to the fact that they sleep, eat and frolic together freely as a pack. Some are permanent couch potates, while others take their turns on house rotation.

 Here are some pictures of our extended family!

                           Syntari's Solo...."Solo"

        Solo our Poster Boy!          Solo, Flirt  in Lead - Torrey in Wheel

                        Tovicks Prankish Pixie...."Spright"

           "Spright"  6 months             Nicole and Spright 4 months
       The fish pond is not a doggy bath!                Sprighty doesn't care.

           Show'ke Tornado at Syntari ...."Torrey"

The gentleman behind the
mask!  Such a handsome
and sweet boy...our pride
and joy...Thank you... to
Syntari's Kennel!

Mac and Snoop (leaping) to go!                        Six Pups in snooze land...

Flirt in the bird bath!

Pixie at 4 months.
 Bella in harness, waiting to be hitched.
 Strider (lf) and Flare (rgt)
         ready to lead...
    Strider is our first Siberian...and has trained
many of the others.

  Thunder, looking at the teams 
  loading and waiting his turn.
      Mac is just hanging out....totally
not his style...usually leaping all over!