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This 6 dog team is
waiting patiently for the command
to take to the trail again...
so hold on tight!

1.5- 2 Hour Treks for the curious....  For the totally  intrigued we suggest our  week long  "Life of a Musher"  Program! We offer the thrill of sledding with the  comforts of home, and canine
companionship second to none!
  • 1.5 - 2  HOUR TREK
  • LIFE of a MUSHER...the Ultimate Adventure
Enjoy, explore and embrace the beauty of Winter.
Here in the snow belt of the Hart Highlands, snow
is fresh, fluffy and plentiful. The trails are well groomed
and a thrill to run.

1.5 - 2 HOUR : TRAINING AND TREK    $150.00/person

For those with a tight schedule...but would like to give dog sledding a whirl! Fun introductory instruction and mini excursion.   $150.00 /person 

GROUP PARTIES       2.5 - 3 HOURS    $600.00  (base rate)

Book a Party for  6  participants. This is a local community favorite Winter Get Together or Christmas Party. Roast a hot dog, warm up with a hot chocolate and have a go at mushing your own team or ride with a guide. All participants must be 10 years or older.     $600.00

For Parties with 7-12 participants there is a $50.00 / ride over an above the base rate of $600.00

LIFE OF A MUSHER     7 Fabulous Days!

Enjoy 7 Fabulous Days of Dogsledding. Home cooked meals,campfires, country living and your own team of happy huskies!   $2450.00/person


For your safety, it is recommended that everyone mushing their own team wear a ski helmet. Feel free to bring your own helmet or bring a thin touque and use one of ours.

Because we specialize in "Mush Your Own Team" the participants must have an adequate level of physical capabilities. Also the maximum amount of dogs per team  does not exceed 6, therefore we have to put a restriction on the amount of weight the participants can be.(Not over 220 lbs)


For those who are intrigued by a totally unique mushing experience we offer the "Life of a Musher" opportunity. This unforgettable extended stay, you will treasure for a life time. Submerge yourself into a life style that very few will ever have the chance to encounter. The "Life of a Musher"  promises to strengthen your appreciation for loyal companions, revive your pioneering spirit and enhance your skills with nature.

Unique Opportunity To Become a Real Musher!

Stay with us for an Entire Week.  Choose either a dryland  adventure, for those that do not like the cold, or a snowy winter wonderland experience. 

No two ways about it, after a week of sledding with us, you will be a musher. Comfortably performing all routines from harnessing, hitching, and running teams.  

Please inquire for availability.  We limit this program, and only accept 2 participants per week.

 Guaranteed there is NOTHING like being out on the trails with a team of huskies!

These friendly, outgoing ....not to mention
gorgeous Siberian Huskies are ready and 
eager to show you what they love to do! 

Last Mile into Historic Barkerville BC, 2009!

Barkerville 2010 Sled Dog Mail Run.
Day 3 - Stanley to Barkerville, over an scenic historic trail. Then on to the dash, from Barkerville to Wells and hand in the the Mail Bags to the Postal Service.

Historic Gold Rush Town of Barkerville   


Your very own team of Siberian Huskies for the duration of your stay. A laid back atmosphere with daily tours on our Winter Wonderland trail system.  Our trails are designed for novice and intermediate dog drivers, but don't let that fool you...there is more than plenty of excitement to go around! 

Your accommodation is a private bedroom  with a shared bathroom. 

Home cooked meals, campfire snacks, plenty of mushing stories and time to relax and enjoy this gorgeous snowbelt. Try your hand at snowshoeing, or cross country skiing.

Because this is a once in a life time experience for many, we encourage you to be involved with the dogs as much possible. Responsible musher understand without a doubt that caring for the dogs and tending to their every need has priority.  

A day of dog gone fun! Sledding, possibly roasting lunch over a campfire, sharing snacks with your team (whether you want to or not), putting the dogs to bed, retiring to the ranch house for dinner and a movie (sled dog one of course) and what ever else you can squeeze in to your stay with us.

If you have any questions,  don't hesitate to call or e-mail. If you call and we are not available, (we are most likely in the kennel or out on the trail!) Please leave your name, number and best time to return your call.  We look forward to hearing from you!

Contact Sally Swan 250 967- 4479 or e-mail dogpoweradventures@yahoo.ca  for more information of bookings.