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           Come Discover the "Spirit of the Sled Dog"                       


            in British Columbia's           
     "GATEWAY to the NORTH"
             Prince George, BC
  Canadian Dog Sledding Adventures 
   Unique "Life of a Musher" Program
      Sled Dog Training Clinics 
              Skijor Clinics 
               250 967- 4479

  Our Happy Huskies are never chained.


                             Welcome to:

We have Winter Wonderland Adventures .  
Short excursions or choose our "Life of a Musher" 
totally unique experience! 
Our Sled Dog Tours promise to be memorable.
...or Train YOUR Dog to Mush and become a
musher yourself at one of our Sled Dog
Training Clinics and Skijor Weekends.


         Specializing in Unforgettable Dog Sledding Adventures

                      in the Heart of Beautiful British Columbia!

 ... Imagine cruising down a pristine snow covered trail  behind a team of gorgeous Siberian Huskies. Their desire to run is what makes them legendary, but their fun-loving radiant personality is what makes them truly unforgettable.  The huskies are extremely friendly, big hearted and full of zeal...and sometimes just plain cheeky. They love a good cuddle, a big hug, a trail to explore and a batch of fresh fallen snow.

        Come Discover the Spirit of the Sled Dog!
Check out what we have to offer ... if you don't see
what you are looking for, please inquire and
we will do our best to accommodate.

         * Choose an "Adventure" you will never forget !

         * Live the "Life of a Musher" and join us for      
                      an extended stay!

         * Train your own dogs at one of our 
                        Mushing Camps! 

         * Check out our  Summer Sled Dog     
                    Presentation and Demonstration!
                       "Summer Sled Dog Spectacle"         
Our Siberian Husky Adventures are geared 
to those who want to truly
experience the thrilling life 
style of mushing and yet 
have a comfy suite..."the 
musher's den" to relax in,
and recall the exciting 
excursion of the day!

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      Come Visit Us!  You can reach us at (250) 967-4479 and by e-mail at We are looking forward to hearing from you.

We are family owned and operated, and are totally dedicated to the health and welfare of our canine companions. Our dogs are a part of Our Family  and we pride ourselves on giving them the very best of care.  Our specialty is providing an outstanding sled dog experience, so that others can capture a true glimpse of the Siberian Husky and  discover the "Spirit of the Sled Dog" for themselves!        

Phone Sally 250 967-4479     or e-mail