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Dog Power Adventure's SIBERIAN HUSKY RESCUE RANCH...dedicated to the love, appreciation and well being of all Sled Dogs!

Please check out the dogs below who are in need of adoption. Below that we also have a for sale section (not our dogs, but ones that need placing). 

                               DOGS AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION  

HARMONY is a 2 year old, large short haired Shepherd/ Husky cross, who loves to run, play and bounce. Her name should really be Tigger! She has an extremely sweet nature, however her high activity level requires someone who understands this need and likes to be active themselves. Harmony is looking for a forever home!     Currently running 4 miles...good with sled and  fairly stable with skijoring.  re-posted March 18 2011

Willow is a 2 yr old 3/4 Husky 1/4 Shepherd good large girl. Very sweet and lovable...doesn't get along with cats and needs a fenced yard. Harmony is her best buddy, and they play for hours. Because of their identical size they work quite well together as a team. They have been in sled training together for 2 weeks and are doing very well. Anyone looking for a skijor team, this is a good bet.   posted March 18 2011

                                 DOGS FOR SALE from ELSEWHERE

Tuchodi River Outfitters Ltd:  6 siberians for sale – we have a recreational team plus we use our dogs on our trapline in Northern BC.   All of the dogs have been run for several winters and 2 are good trail leaders.   There is nothing wrong with these dogs we are downsizing our kennel and need to let some dogs go.   Price is very reasonable we just want the dogs to go to a good working home. Contact Lori at  email:

5 Siberians All 2 years old in Dawson Creek  Any questions call Burnem at 250 786-5566   $1000 for all 5...below ...more pics to come.


We are a family owned and operated rescue facility. Thanks to our kids, their friends, family members, and a few volunteers we've created a working sled dog ranch. Unfortunately kennel space and funding are always limited. If you love the breed, their spirit and are unable to adopt a husky yourself but would like to help, an "in kind" donation or sponsorship  is greatly appreciated and truly helps us rescue more huskies.

We open our doors to all sled dogs whether they are rescues, fosters or re-homes.  A sled dog is a sled dog and has special needs and requirements unique to the breed, and therefore can be difficult to place. We provide immediate care, exercise and housing for those in need, until a forever home can be located for them.

SPONSORS:  who make a world of difference!

Lori, Roy, Steven, and Snickers Burnhardt
Lifesavers First Aide Training Prince George, BC
3 Huskies (Mac, Thunder and Bella) 
7 Insulated Dog Houses!  many thanks!

Every time you choose one of our Dog Power Adventure Tours, Events or Training Camps, you are helping fund our sled dog rescue program and facility. We truly appreciate  your support, because without it we simply could not do it. Every dollar goes back into the dogs, their gear and equipment, housing, food, medical care and everything that keeps them happy and healthy. Thank you!

All of the dogs are absolutely amazing. They are extremely affectionate, loving, occasionally cheeky and at times mischievous. We love them all, and couldn't imagine life without them.

Some of our dogs are rescues from the SPCA, others are private rescues and re-homes. Many of our original sledding stock has come from an Outstanding kennel just outside of Seattle...Syntari Kennels. Because of their care and dedication to producing Siberians  with the breed standard foremost in mind, all of the "Syntari" dogs are absolutely gorgeous specimens, with excellent temperaments. This allows us to introduce rescue dogs with challenging personalities into our pack and have them learn from the other dogs what is acceptable and normal. Thank you Syntari for such wonderful dogs.


Siberian Huskies are an ancient breed. They were breed by the Chukchi people of North Eastern Siberia in a cold and harsh land. The dogs were highly valued as they were necessary to the Chukchi's nomadic way of life. The Chukchi people hunted reindeer as well as other animals and the dogs were said to be instrumental in the hunt, as well as hauling loads when they  frequently relocated to follow the herds.

In more recent times the reindeer were domesticated and the reindeer themselves were harnessed to drag and carry heavy loads. The dogs were then more prized for their ability to carry light loads, for longer distances and at a greater speed. The Chukchi dogs were also very dear to their hearts and companions for the children. It is said that in the Chukchi religion, two Chukchi dogs guard the gates to heaven, and anyone who harms a dog will not be allowed to pass... You can bet these dogs were treated well!

So why is it I bring up their past? that the breed can be more understood! It explains why huskies are highly active, why they have reactively high prey drives, why their coats are so profuse, and why it is that they have such outgoing yet lovable personalities! They have for thousands of years been hand raised, breed and selected to be extremely smart, hard working, versatile, athletic, and boldly inquisitive with a innate connection to humans. And yet to be able to survive in frozen wastelands on little rations.

Siberian Huskies are largely misunderstood. Because of their desire to travel, and their love to explore, they need a human who understands their needs. Their anxiety of being locked in a confined backyard or house while their owners go to work, usually results in everything being dug up, chewed, or ripped apart. A mere run around the block will not be sufficient! Years of ingrained instinct urges them to find a way to run...and hence they are proficient escape artists. However given the opportunity to stretch their legs on a regular schedule, they are absolutely amazing and faithful creatures!