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SKIJOR , SLEDDING and DRY LAND TRAINING CLINICS  $225 / person          

NEXT CLINIC: January 10-11 2015
Please Inquire if you are interested.

What You Need to Bring:

  For Skijoring bring Cross Country Skis, Poles, Boots, and Skijor Kit if you have one. It is highly recommended that you are an experienced  skier, able to stop and turn adequately.  For Sledding bring your sled and all related ganglines, snub lines, snowhooks etc. Additional items would include small portion of dog food, dog water, warm clothes (layers), sunglasses, water bottle and good footwear.  Helmets are manditory except for Canicross, and other protective gear is highly recommended for dryland training.

If you do not have skis, or are somewhat unstable on skis, our kicksleds are available at no extra charge.


  • Groomed and Marked Private Trails!
  • Cozy Campfire, Mushers Chat and Snack Stop! (Winter Clinics) 
  • Experienced Knowledgeable Instructors who are Active Mushers and Racers
  • Group and Private Instruction
  • Equipment can be purchased prior to event, or borrowed and sized at the event.  
  • "Soups On" ...Coffee, Hot Chocolate and Soup are hot, ready and waiting
  • Kick Sleds and ganglines are supplied Free of charge with registration
  • Dry land Training Maze!  

Our Two Day Clinics are geared to get you and your dog(s) trail ready. You will be amazed at how much fun you are in for!  Learn all the basic commands and how to teach them properly. It is much easier to learn correctly the first time then to "re - program" and undue bad habits. As well, learn about trail ettiquette, trail safety,  canine massage techniques, nutrition for the canine athlete and much more.  The clinics are open to all breeds who love to be active, and who are over 25lbs.  Whether you want to scooter, cart, canicross, skijor or sled, this clinic will cover all of the basics. 

Our instructors are active mushers and racers, who truly enjoy sharing their knowlegde of this wonderful sport and encourage participation at any level. What makes us unique is our "canine mentors". If your dog is having a difficult time catching on to the idea...we have well balanced, friendly and experienced sled dogs that will show them the ropes. (Providing your dog is dog is well socialized, and dog friendly.) We have proven over and over again that dogs learn drafting skills much faster from other dogs. Secondly we have a wonderful facility, featuring private trails and training ovals.                                                                              

 Your dog does not have to be a husky. They merely have to love getting out on a trail, and enjoy running. We have had breeds ranging from Blue Heelers, to Standard Poodles, Spaniels, Border Collies, Sheperds, Samoyeds, and many mixed breeds, even a Beagle cross. They are not required to pull you. The dog simply has to keep the line tight, by moving out in front.

              Watching Intently           Now there are two happy faces!

Dry Land  Clinics

Scooter, cart or canicross gear is required. If you do not own any equipment let us know, so we can discuss what options are available to you and what is best suited for you and your dog.                                                    

What to Bring..... For Dry Land....bring either a Canicross Belt, Scooter or Cart.  Helmets are manditory except for Canicross, and other protective gear is highly recommended for dryland training.

Congratulations to all of the Previous Skijor and Dryland Participants...excellent effort done by all! We hope to see you all out on the trails ...enjoy your new found sport!                 


  Dog Powered Scootering!   

  Great exercise for your dog 
  and you as well.     


To get the most out of your experience it is highly recommended that you have some knowledge of skiing. You should be able to stop and turn on the move and go down small inclines with some confidence.
If not you can always try your hand with a kicksled, which is much easier to navigate!

LIFE OF A MUSHER!      "The ULTIMATE  Experience."

An Entire Week! 

Learn what it takes to be a musher....live the lifestyle....breath the excitement! 

Please check out the botton of our
  Adventure page fpr more information!

Scootering...a fun Dry Land sport!


Dog Sledding Courses

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