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Our lives revolve around our Huskies. The majority of them are Siberian, with a handful of cross breeds mixed in. They are truly incredible creatures and we love them all to bits! 

In the winter months we have shared the love of sledding and our pristine winter wonderland trails with guests from around the world...and have made some life long friends. 

 As our dogs are all getting older we will be taking a break from tours for the 2016 winter season, and running trails at their leisure. 

This season will be dedicated to catering to the aging and training up the younger spirited generation.

We have a Grooming Studio on our Husky Ranch, which really comes in handy for the husky's spa days. On the side bar you will see some of the courses we have created to share with  fellow dog lovers and caregivers. 



Dog Nail Trimming Tutorial

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